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The Dangerous Goods Office Limited offers aviation dangerous goods training and consultancy to industry and regulators around the world.  The company was formed by Geoff Leach, former Chairman of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s Dangerous Goods Panel.

As demonstrated by the tragic loss of Valujet flight 592 in May 1996, when 110 people lost their lives, it is imperative that dangerous goods, both in cargo and baggage, are prepared and handled for air transport in accordance with very stringent international requirements.  All of the various parties involved, be they regulators, shippers, pilots or loading staff play a vital role in ensuring dangerous goods pose no danger to an aircraft, its occupants or ground staff.

As the Head of the Dangerous Goods Office at the UK CAA Geoff Leach recognised that a variety of communication channels needed to be exploited in order to assist in the constant challenge of spreading best practice and improving safety. Therefore he was instrumental in commissioning a series of important safety messages to be used across various media channels, including the production (and narration) of CAA videos explaining the specific responsibilities of personnel concerning the safe carriage of lithium batteries.

  • BBC Breakfast Time lithium batteries on aircraft

    BBC Breakfast Time lithium batteries on aircraft